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Riviera Collection

 Ultimate desires with a piece of the Riviera Collection

 Sourcing of these beautiful  individual stones whether they be our Naturally grown freshwater pearls, or the beautiful semi precious stones Lemon Quartz - Smokey Quartz - Turquoise - High end Freshwater pearls .When choosing these pieces we  only use the highest grade of materials from different country's of the world, we have our own Jeweller who works side by side with us to get an ultimate  Result and finish. We pride our selves on quality  workmanship 

All these stones are amazing, we realize that the prices are high, the work that goes into  achieveing  the  shape and perfect lustre is hour upon hour of very careful polishing to achieve that perfect shape,  for the drop to look so sensational on your ear.....also the pearls it take a very long time to match two  pearls for earrings, they are  layed  out to start sorting in size and shape so this is a very time consuming job.

Our Sterling Silver or 9ct gold or  pink gold .............sets these adorable stones off ....our design is perfect for the Look that the woman wants today ...Eyecatching, Stylish,  & Understated -   you can wear them with a lovely white Teeshirt & Jeans or dress them up for that special occassion.

These designs very popular for Brides - and Bridal Party

Enjoy as much as we love designing these adorable Pieces, 

Leigh x  with love 



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