About Me


I love that you are here reading my story. 

I'm passionate about - Quality & Detail 

Raised in Melbourne Victoria, I moved to Noosa, Queensland in 1987 with my husband & son.
Working in Jewellery in Noosa for many years,


 My own jewellery line became a reality in 2012 ...I sold all over the country wholesale, as well as having an outlet at Eumundi Market for many years... 

As a young woman my mum always said," Leigh you don't have to spend a fortune on fashion it's how you put it together that makes you stand out" - This has stayed with me through my life. My Jewellery I design with all my mother's wisdom in place.

The Woman-owned & operated Brand Leigh Fortington

I don't want you to just wear your special pieces of Jewellery on special occassions, I want you to wear it everyday. My Company offers- Earrings, Necklace's, Rings & Bracelets that are hand crafted by specializing Jewellers, around the world, Australia, Asia & more....without traditional Luxury markups. The materials include Cultured freshwater pearls, genuine material stones,genuine Leathers produced in small quantities. We also like to drop Limited Edition Items 3-4 times a yr. My Brand operates with small runs to maintain a sustainable process, so if you love something its a good idea to snap it up.

Leigh Fortington Jewellery is very much in the business of slow fashion you won't find a wave of designs onsite - instead designs tend to be classic - Like the Monica or Peri Necklets, which will live on in your wardrobe for decades if you care for it.....My Business is Timeless Quality Luxury.

Lots of Love Leigh x