About Me


I love that you are reading my story.  

Raised in Melbourne, I moved to Noosa, Queensland in 1987 with my husband & son.
Having Worked  in Jewellery for many years, Starting my own jewellery line became a reality in 2012. 

As a young woman my mum always said "Leigh you don't have to spend a fortune on fashion, it's how you put it together that makes you stand out".

I design my Jewellery often reflecting on my mothers words of wisdom.

My Earrings, Necklace's, Rings & Bracelets are hand crafted by specialist Jewellers from around the world, including Australia and Asia. My jewellery is made from high quality materials including  cultured freshwater pearls, genuine  stones and  leather. 

I offer high quality classic and timeless designs which will live on in your wardrobe for decades.

Special pieces of Jewellery don't have to be saved for special occassions. I want you to wear my pieces everyday.

Lots of Love Leigh x