VIP Program

The Leigh Fortington VIP Program is my gift
to all my loyal customers  to show my appreciation.


How Does It Work?

Purchase 3 times and total must be at least $300 
- we track orders and VIP list is determined in automated list.

What is the gift?

You do receive a free random gift on the 3rd order, and if meet all criteria you also will be notified of becoming a VIP.

VIPs are privileged to get 10% OFF almost all orders, ncluding some  promotions that you get extra 10% plus promotion deal. 
( some promotions may be restricted)

How do I get my 10%  Off?

You must login  every time to get your VIP discount added in the cart when you add a product. Don't worry we will walk you through creating an account and get your VIP tag attached so all is then autiomated. The magic of technology :)

Do I get 10% Off Forever?

You must retain at leat 3 orders every 365 days and total value of at least $300


Is There More?

VIPs will get early access to ALL new jewllery drops, and promotions.

I hope to add a Facebook Group in near future for fun with jwellery styling tips, caring for jewellery and get feedback from VIPs first for requested new styles.

please contact Leigh at