Single freshwater pearl and Leather Bracelet - Riley

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Versatile and contempary!

Natural Leather plaited Bracelet featuring one single pearl

  • 10mmwhite freshwater pearl
  • stainless steel magnetic clasp
  • finished length 18.5cm  
  • just slightly smaller in size

Colours......... Denim Blue & Shimmer.........  12mm Freshwater pearl ....cross stitched leather $49.00 

I have made them in 18.5cm forthose that have a small  wrist, both colours are  beautiful Shimmer  like a violet grey - stunning!  Denim Blue is also stunning works well with a pair of Jeans 

To use the clasp you must turn the clasp to the groove and use your thumb to open,

To close it just direct it into the space and the magnet will grab the clasp and then just turn to lock it in.

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    Pearl & leather bracelet

    As described in advertisement lovely blue, on small side around wrist. Clasp quiet intricate , do recommend tho