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A glamorous jewellery can transform a plain outfit into something extraordinary! It is indeed the final touch to bring any outfit into a trendy look. But choosing the wrong accessories can ruin everything. Here are 4 tips on how to choose the correct accessories:

It must complement with the outfit and the occasion. You need to make sure that each jewellery matches with the outfit and occasion. If you’re going to a formal gala, street-style leather jewelry is not the correct choice.


It must complement your skin tone. While the finest jewellery must match with your outfit, it should also enhance you. Hence, choose gems and metals that light up your natural skin tone. You can choose from different colors such as gold, amethyst, silver, sapphire, and a whole lot more.  If you have dark hair and matte skin, gold is an ideal choice for you


It should complement many of your outfits. The purpose of jewellery is to provide additional layer of interest to an outfit. Having said that, a standout jewellery is worth wearing not only when it is adorable, but also when it would also match many outfits. Matching set of original pieces of jewellery that you can mix and match with any outfit is a great way to go.


Over-accesorising is a common mistake. Additional value to your outfit- that should be your aim in wearing jewellery. Wearing a lot of jewellery (bracelets, knuckle rings, necklaces etc.) is a common trend, but over-accessorizing is not impressive. Consider the statement piece that touches the focal point of an outfit.

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