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Giving Back

Katie Rose Cottage
Everyone's Last Days
If Possible should be cherished and celebrated

The hospice and its tranquil gardens are set in the heart of Doonan.

I would like to share with you how Katie Rose Cottage has become dear to my heart and my main cause to support through my business.


It is coming up to the 1 year anniversary that my late husband Ted, and I were able to spend his last days at Katie Rose Cottage. After several years of deteriorating health, we knew that hospice care was an option to provide us with a comfortable setting to spend this time.

Katie Rose Cottage became something more than we could have imagined and allowed us to not just say goodbye but cherish our life together, share our stories and just be husband and wife again, in a serenely beautiful environment.

the medical staff took care of medical requirements, and there was no cooking but enjoying delightful meals beside the ocean.   

This is how I choose to remember us, rather than last days in a cold hospital room, or at home without care but allowed us cherished time together.

This past year has been a time of grief, change and growth for myself - and my business. I make my biggest change this month by selling our home in Noosa and moving into a smaller home.

My first donation to Katie Rose Cottage will be our furniture to the  Katie Rose Cottage OP Furniture Warehouse &  Showroom - one of the ways funds are raised to support the Non-Profit  Charity.

Katie Rose Cottage is fully run by a team of dedicated volunteers who generously give their time – including personal carers, gardeners, administration staff, hospice support teams and OP Shop volunteers.


My business allows me to further donate to this cause, as due to profits made from sales by you - my customers and those that I now consider friends. I will also be able to donate jewellery items to be sold in the OP stores or used in Fundraising events Katie Rose Cottage holds.

I couldn't be able to do it without you.

My business allows me to Give Back to this amazing cause and give others the same feeling of peace on their last days.
Leigh x

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I encourage you to discover Katie Rose Cottage and provide support through one of the many ways and recommend it as a hospice solution to friends and family.