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How Do You Know If A Jewellery Is The One For You?

A lot of women ask me, “How do you know if a jewellery is the one for you?”

I always say, when you see a jewellery, you have to see yourself wearing it, not just once or twice in a year, but with most of your outfit.It needs to be flexible so that when you mix and match outfits, it doesn’t look like an after thought or worse, out of place.

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Always made with love.

Great day at Kawana Bowls Club today!

Leigh Fortington Jewellery sponsored the Ladies Pairs. A lot of customers loved my style and designs. Thank you to Kawana Bowls Club!

Thanks to everyone that was there and for all your support.

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A glamorous jewellery can transform a plain outfit into something extraordinary! It is indeed the final touch to bring any outfit into a trendy look. But choosing the wrong accessories can ruin everything. Here are 4 tips on how to choose the correct accessories:

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Are You Wearing A Piece Of Art?

Over the years of pursuing my passion, which is designing jewellery, one of the best quotes that really stuck with me is from Oscar Wilde. It goes, “One should be a work of art or wear a work of art.”


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Are You Taking Care Of Your Jewellery?

Okay. So shopping for jewellery is easy (especially if you’re on a splurge!). Wearing them is even easier. But taking care of them, that’s where the difficulty lies (if you don’t know how).

When taken care of properly, jewellery can last for a long time. It can even be handed down to generations. So here are simple ways on how you can take proper care of your jewellery.

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