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About Leigh


My Mission
I want to encourage women…

I want to encourage women to love and honour themselves and their own gifts. I want my jewellery to remind women of how they can be in the world. That their gifts matter, that they are beautiful and worthy of being noticed, loved and celebrated. 
Making Jewellery is a creative experience that has given me a way to finally be myself and find my own freedom of expression. I love how creating jewellery is so relaxing for me and I can get lost in it. 
I love being creative. It feels soo good to combine colours, textures, metals, pearls and leather. I love the look the feel and the process. I especially love the way pearls light up a woman’s face and send a message that she is empowered, and worth it. I love what this process of creative expression have given me and reminded of in myself.  I want my jewellery to remind women that they can have this too.  
I want them to experience feeling beautiful, special, uplifted and to have a reminder of their inherent worthiness.




This business is also an ode to the women in my family. My mother and grandmother who like many of us were not acknowledged for their gifts and what they contributed. The amazing ways they cared and created through food, design, clothing, and life. Creating jewellery feels like a gift to me and others. When I see someone wearing my jewellery I feel grateful, radiant and inspired of all the goodness we can bring into this world as women. 
I’ve been through a lot on my journey in this life and now I have come to realise my own inherit value. I really want other women to know and experience the same. I hope that  wearing a piece of my jewellery can be an anchor and symbol to help them remember their own worth, beauty, and self love. 

Leigh x