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How Do You Know If A Jewellery Is The One For You?

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A lot of women ask me, “How do you know if a jewellery is the one for you?”

I always say, when you see a jewellery, you have to see yourself wearing it, not just once or twice in a year, but with most of your outfit.It needs to be flexible so that when you mix and match outfits, it doesn’t look like an after thought or worse, out of place.

The jewellery needs to tell something about you. Are you the classy, minimalist type of a woman or do you prefer the rough, street-smart look? We don’t realise this often but our choices in jewellery tell a lot about us. For example, the colours or shapes that we prefer or the types of stones that we really like, they tell something about our personality. Your jewellery reflects who you are.

Comfort and beauty should always go hand in hand. Personally, when I make new pieces, I make sure they will be comfortable to wear. Some jewellery are only good to look at but when you try them, you can’t endure wearing them for another minute. And that’s when beauty overrides comfort.

Most importantly, when choosing a jewellery, you have to see yourself happy when you’re wearing it. I always believe that jewellery should be more than eye candies. They should be a source of inspiration or happiness. So when I’m shopping. I always ask myself, “Will I be happy wearing this?” And that’s when I determine if I’d like to proceed to the checkout.